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if you have an iphone and i don’t have your number, we are missing out on some great conversations that i can participate in using my computer.

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sarahisntgold asked: "Hannaaaaaa!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Miss you, but I completely understand you've been busy lately! Hope all is well! Sarah over and out. (God I'm such a loser)"

Sarahhhhhhh!!! Happy very belated St. Patrick’s Day!! I miss you too, we should def plan to watch another movie together soon :) and I’ve transferred to a new store that’s like 7 min away from me and I’ve been working practically full time and it’s been CRAZYYYYYY but I got paid yesterday so it’s all good lol how’re things with you?? how’s school? are you on spring break? (I miss those haha) Hanna over and out! (you’re never a loser!! I enjoy pretending I’m on a radio comm sometimes lol)

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kissingziall asked: "HANNA! hi how are you?? you haven't been here a lot lately and i miss youuuu"

PIA!! hi lovely :) i’m alright. i’ve been stressed and been super busy with work and i’ve been taking extra shifts (i also have a LOT of freelance work piling up :( oops) so yeah i’ve been taking a mini break lol i miss youuuuuuuuu!!!! i hope you are doing well and that you are having a fantastic day! or night! or whatever time it is by you!

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hybridlovelies asked: "Hanna! Be on the internetz!!!"

silly girl i don’t do anything exciting even when i’m on haha


In the past two months I’ve been described repeatedly as “cool & mysterious” “cool” and “chill, the most chill person ever”.

Can I time travel with you guys back to high school and you can tell all of them how cool I am? Please?

you’re zayn malik


Panic! At The Disco: Nicotine

In case you missed it on Friday, here’s the new music video for ‘Nicotine’ from Panic! At The Disco. You can find it on their latest album, Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! - available now on iTunes!

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Anyone else notice that the notifications are now blood orange…?

Anyone else notice that the notifications are now blood orange…?


Hanna is coming over today and since it’s cold we’re gonna stay inside and watch GAME OF THRONES SEASON ONE BECAUSE SHE’S NEVER SEEN IT AND OMG I’M SO EXCITED I’M GONNA THROW UP!!!!!

Game of Thrones: Where everyone is a twat and every person you like dies.